Kathleen Kinkopf



Kathleen, illustrator, writer, designer, and painter, is a life-long creator and storyteller. Described as ‘Magical Realism’, her work is fueled by a passion for the miracles and beauty of nature, the wonder of possibilities, and the complexity of the human spirit. She has exhibited her paintings in museum invitationals and dozens of solo and group shows across the country and is collected both nationally and internationally. She sees her art career as an organic journey, ever-changing and sometimes challenging. But this, she feels, creates new opportunities and new directions, enhancing the foundation of her work and experience. Her mantra is 'Never stop learning.' She considers herself to be a traditional studio painter but recently created a new series of digital collages that combine her own work with vintage art, photos, and custom graphics....the best of all her worlds. She published her first book of this new digital work and narratives, 'Inhabiting Bliss', in 2021.


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