Nathalie Marcotte

Nathalie Marcotte

Location: Canada

Hazy landscapes, running brooks, sparkling frost, a gust of wind, portraying all four elements... such is Nathalie Marcotte's universe. Inspired by nature's palette, she creates abstract works that leave everything to the imagination.

Using a spatula and a brush, she applies fine, transparent layers of acrylic to create a visual impression of calm and serenity. Each and every work she creates represents an intimate journey within her inner self.

Born in Montreal, Nathalie Marcotte has been living in the Laurentians since 2004. Having grown up with a coloured pencil always at hand, she took part in her first drawing workshop in 2002. She later explored pastels, oils and other mediums, but she finally discovered her artistic calling after participating in a workshop on abstract art using acrylics, in 2012. She chose this medium for its exceptional versatility, an attribute that allows her to express herself more freely. She has been enjoying the infinite possibilities of abstract art ever since.

Her works represent an ode to life and to nature's beauty. Nathalie Marcotte believes that our world is in need of kindness and inner peace, which is precisely what she intends to provide through her artistic process.



“When I'm playing with colour, when I paint, time stands still. I have no age. I truly have the impression of being one with everything around me. Of touching the essential in all its simplicity.”