Aneesha Parrone


Delight of Life

This portfolio is a sampling of the wisdom of my delights...Music, Art, Shakespeare, Learning...Expressions of what give life Light.

Inlay of Winter “Inlay of Winter”

This piece was created after attending a summer jazz concert; an inlay of winter jazz with summer jazz.

Book of Pages “Book of Pages”

This piece was an exploration of light coming from an integration of knowledge. I was exploring how knowledge becomes wisdom and the mystery of spoken and unspoken words.

River “River”

Water is an essential to all of life. Rivers are a constant inspiration to irrigate the water of my soul

Celestial Tellurium “Celestial Tellurium”

Juxtaposed between imagination and the earth is a field of enchantment. This piece was woven after viewing Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare.