Gabriele Prill

Gabriele Prill

Location: Germany

Gabriele Prill was born in 1957 in Aachen, Germany. After getting her masters at the School for Design in Aachen she moved in October 1985 to Los Angeles. There she started as an art teacher for children at the Westside Art Center in Santa Monica. In 1990 she worked as art director for the movie "The Winged Cage", directed by Fu Ding Chen. In 1992 she was a founding member of "Hello Artichoke", the first collective art gallery in Los Angeles. Gabriele Prill worked as a „Wardrobe Supervisor" for the 1994 film "Destiny Turns On The Radio" directed by Jack Baran, starring Quentin Tarantino. In 1995 she moved back to Aachen where she currently works as an artist and freelance graphic artist. In 2007 she initiated and organized the charity event "100 Kuenstler -100 Kacheln". In three events in the following years more than 350 artists from around the world participated and their works were shown in well known museums in and around Aachen. She had shows in Los Angeles, as well as in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2008 she picked up again working with paperclay. Her raku fired sculptures are on display as well.


2013 „Systemumstellung“, Kunstroute Aachen 2013, Artikel 5, Aachen

2013 „East vs. West Coast Urban + Rural Street Photography“, Galerie S., Aachen

2013 „Prill & Patzke“, desert and water, Artikel 5, Aachen

2013 „Lothringair“, dream performance, Aachen

2013 „44 Künstlern - 88 Werke“, Berlin

2013 „APRILAPRIL“, Artikel 5, Aachen

2013 „Kunstroute Weser-Göhl“, Montzen, Belgium

2012 „100 Künstler – 100 Kacheln“, Schleswig-Holstein-Haus, Schwerin

2012 „Project Mailartbooks“ Kunstroute Aachen 2012, Prozitrone, Aachen

2012 „5 vor 12“, Wissenschaftsnacht RWTH, Aachen

2012 „Kunst zum Beispiel“, Zaandijk, Netherland

2012 „terre des hommes“, auction, Aula Carolina, Aachen

2012 „TischG-chichten“, Annahalle, Aachen

2012 „Kunst zum Beispiel“, Kasteel Daelenbroeck, Netherland

2012 „Kunst hier Her“, Gut Hebscheid, Aachen

2012 „Kunst zum Beispiel“, Kopermolen Vaals, Netherland

2012 „APRILAPRIL“, Artikel 5, Aachen

2011 „Kunst zum Beispiel“, Camerig Netherland

2011 „5 vor 12“, Wissenschaftsnacht RWTH, Aachen

2011 „Exploring the Art of Uncertainty“, Ballsaal, Aachen

2011 „Kunst zum Beispiel“, Galerie S., Aachen

2011 „Drawn Together“, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy

2011 „Kunst hier Her“, Gut Hebscheid, Aachen

2010 „triARTlon“, Camerig, Netherland

2010 „Art Open 2010“, Eschweiler

2010 „Win Braun und Freunde“, Burg Stolberg

2010 „100 Künstler – 100 Kacheln“ Couven Museum, Aachen

2010 „Art al Vent VII“, Gata de Gorgos, Spain

2009 „triARTlon“, Camerig und Lemiers, Niederlande, Aachen

2008 „Art Open 2008“, Eschweiler

2004 „Kunstfrühling“, Frankenbergerviertel, Aachen

1998 Gallery Onyx, Los Angeles

1996 Café Martin, Köln

1996 „La Tenda“, Zeltkunstereignis Westpark, Aachen

1995 Café Kreta, Aachen

1994 „Hello Santa Monica“, Gallery Hello Artichoke, Santa Monica

1993 „All Girl Show With Token Male“, Gallery Hello Artichoke, Los Angeles

1993 „Los Angeles Juried Exhibition“, Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood

1993 „Pain and Pleasure“, Gallery Hello Artichoke, Los Angeles

1992 „Cheap Art Show“, Gallery Hello Artichoke, Los Angeles

1989 „All City Art Open“, Municipal Art Gallery Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood

1984 Participation at the contest „Civil Rights“, sponsored by the cultural minister of Nordrhein-Westfalen


2007 „Street scenes“, DeBeKa, Köln

2004 ROOM FULL“, show at home, Aachen

2001 „Street scenes“, Jakobshof, Aachen

2000 „Street scenes“, Industrie- und Handelskammer Aachen

1995 Atelier Conradus, Aachen

1995 „Street Life in Los Angeles“, Talbahnhof, Eschweiler

1994 „Außen und Innen“, Gallery Hello Artichoke, Los Angeles

1993 „Watercolor“, Pfarrheim St. Anna, Wahlheim

1993 „Street Scenes“, Gallery Hello Artichoke, Los Angeles

1993 Watercolor“, La Luna, Los Angeles


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