Mark Pol

He was born in The Hague. He now lives in Amsterdam.

He received formal training on the Free Academy of Art in the evening in The Hague. On the Photo Academy also during the evening he learned to make photos. He works always alone. He is a loner then and he still is.

Mark Pol, born on October 17 Th 1943 in The Hague, had an early passion for painting and drawing.

The paintings that you can see on the site of Mark Pol is build out of the experience of the daily life of people not without the vulnerability and the unexpected of the animal side of the Human.

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Yellow dating “Yellow dating”

She is mellow yellow

Deranged People “Deranged People”

People at the edge of the sociaty will never be part of it

Slivered Woman “Slivered Woman”

Woman are still handled like slaves, separated

Dark Illusion “Dark Illusion”

We live in a new interbellum we don't know were it will end

Evolution incomplete “Evolution incomplete”

We are evoluated from somewere we don't know but I think we are incomplete humans