Mark Pol

Artistic Life of Mark Pol

Mark Pol was born in The Hague, The Netherlands. Nowadays he lives in Amsterdam.

He had no artistic influence from his parents. They were poor and could not pay a formal academic study in the arts. At that time he knew nothing about art. He just had his own fantasy. He was a dreamer who never wanted to wake up.

At the Free Academy of Art during evening studies, he studied painting and drawing and at the Photo Academy, also during the evening, he learned to make photos.

Some recognitions:
USA Press Release: Upstream People Gallery
Mark Pol receives International recognition with his artwork "Threaded Desire"

USA Press Release: Four Points Contemporary
Award of Excellence, Mark Pol
Award of Merit, Mark Pol

Past exhibitions in, to mention some:

Amsterdam (NL) Several times and markets
Amstelveen (NL)
Bussum (NL)Several times
Haarlem (NL)
Maassluis (NL)
Naarden (NL)
Hilversum (NL)
Laren (NL)
Schijndel (NL)
Delft (NL) Several times
Deventer (NL)
Eindhoven (NL)
Bergen (NL) Several times
Nieuwkoop (NL) Several times
Arnhem (NL)
Antwerp (Belgium)
Tongeren (Belgium) Several times
Athens (Greece)
Altea (Spain)
London (UK) Several times
Northampton (UK) Several times
Westbourne (UK)
Karlsruhe (Germany)
Hamburg (Germany)
Triberg (Germany) Several times
Basel (Swiss)
Zurich (Swiss) Several times
Steinbach/Steyr (Austria)
Wenen (Austria)
Budweiss (Czechoslovakia)
Venice (Italy)
Sienna (Italy)
Villacidro (Sardinie) (Italy)
Paderno - TV (Italy)
Paris (France) Several times
New York (USA) Several times
Hudson (USA)
Chicago (USA)
Alief, Texas (USA)
Omaha (USA)
Los Angeles (USA)
Miami (USA) Several times
Calcutta (India)
Essendon( Australia)

Exhibitions to come (planned)

Zurich (Swiss) Aug. 20 th until Aug. 24 th, 2020
Barcelona (Spain) 15 th until Oct. 19 th, 2020



Yellow dating “Yellow dating”

She is mellow yellow

Deranged People “Deranged People”

People at the edge of the sociaty will never be part of it

Slivered Woman “Slivered Woman”

Woman are still handled like slaves, separated

Dark Illusion “Dark Illusion”

We live in a new interbellum we don't know were it will end

Evolution incomplete “Evolution incomplete”

We are evoluated from somewere we don't know but I think we are incomplete humans