Chris Close

Born and up in the 'auld grey toon'of St Andrews. Educated in the city of 'jute, jam and journalism' that is Dundee. Studied Photographic Sciences (the first ever photography degree course in the UK) in the big smoke, aka London. Returned to the 'Dear Green Place', Glasgow for postgraduate studies before emigrating 50miles east to the Athens of the North - Edinburgh.
Edinburgh it transpires is a very hard city to leave and I have been based here since.
I was a former chairman of the Scottish wing of the Association of Photographers and was involved in a cross political steering group looking at establishing the first major photography centre in Scotland. Sadly politics and budgets obscured the vision so now my energies are more focussed on setting up an International Photography festival in the home of the world's largest arts festival Edinburgh.
My work. through necessity, is diverse but my passions lie in portraits and people and my portraits of authors have ironically received acclaim from many place around the globe but less so in Edinburgh. Sadly in Scotland if you want to be taken seriously the best thing to do is leave. New York is tempting and has a vivacity unlike anywhere else. Lest I rant on for several more paragraphs I should show you some work and let you make up your own minds.
Very best wishes to you and your endeavours.