Much like her art, Linda Harrison, aka “Red” is a flurry of vibrant motion. Born in Louisiana with a strong influence from her paternal grandmother and her parents in painting, ceramics and endless creativity, Red is rarely at rest.

The object of her true passion finds expression through her abstract painting. Bold color, movement, shapes and textures all come together in her abstracts, bringing drama and emotion to a life while blending elements of life and nature.

Red received an academic scholarship to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando and earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, graduating Summa Cum Laude and then obtained her MBA at Florida Institute of Technology, again graduating Summa Cum Laude.

After working a number of years as a program manager in Florida, Red moved to Denver, CO and worked as a management consultant. One day in the foothills outside of Denver, Red was reflecting on the beauty and majesty of the vista surrounding her home. Suddenly, she felt compelled to express this beauty. Using rudimentary implements and mediums, she let her inner voice guide her hand to bring forth the feelings and imagery which moved her. The resulting creation profoundly changed her. She found the one outlet that gave her unlimited joy and freedom - painting.

Since that day, Red has relished the opportunity to put brush to canvas. Ever exploring numerous techniques and broadening her learning. Red embraces abstract expressionism with acrylics to portray the hidden passion, vibrancy and energy that she observes in nature.

She is thankful and humbled by the opportunity to share her paintings with you; and hopes they touch each viewer in a unique and personal way.


Red hasn't uploaded any images yet. Please check back soon!