Location: Canada
Lisabel is like a great feathered creature looking for freedom, and that’s exactly what comes out of her artistic approach.

As an artistic painter, she is in perpetual mutation. She initially paints figurative art – acrylic and brushes on canvas. Just like a camera, her eye captures images, light, and dimensions; she instinctively reproduces every detail it memorizes. As a young adult, when she would see a painting that she liked, she would keep this image in mind and, as soon as she got home, she would repeat it on canvas within two hours.

Her artistic expression comes to a turning point when she studies composite materials and their applications in the industrial industry where she worked for 20 years. Like a martial arts master, she has a perfect command of her technique, which enables her to give assured brushstrokes, without any unnecessary moves.

Lisabel invented a unique technique which, to this day, has not been used by any other painters. The challenge of working with polymers, the immense amount of knowledge required, the complexity of the setup, and the high cost of materials explain it all.

tel.: 514-654-8411