Kelly Maloney

Kelly Maloney is a locally grown artist working with oil paint in Rochester, NY. She creates each piece in layers; spontaneously mixing colors as the painting unfolds rather than methodically planning each section of the canvas beforehand.

Her goal for any creation is to add joy to people's worlds where they are their most authentic selves; at home, through color and light, in layers of paint. These paintings are often filled with bold jewel tones and striking contrasted scenes as it is often the opposite of Rochester's muted, though lovely, color palette. Focusing on vivid colors and light filled compositions offers a chance for them to live all year round for any person that enjoys them, whether in Rochester or beyond.


Abstracts & Skyscapes

Kelly Maloney's portfolio of paintings is a stunning collection of abstracts and skyscapes, all created with oil on canvas. Every piece is crafted with careful attention to detail and layers of color, resulting in vibrant works of art that bring joy and light to any space.

Each canvas is approached with a spontaneous and intuitive technique, mixing colors and building the painting layer by layer as the piece unfolds. This process allows for dynamic interplay of color and light, resulting in compositions that are filled with bold jewel tones.

In her abstracts and skyscapes, Maloney captures the essence of natural beauty, translating the muted color palette of the local landscape into striking works of art. These paintings are a celebration of light and color, inviting viewers to connect with their own authentic selves and experience the world in a new and vibrant way.