Miho Iwahashi

Miho Iwahashi

Location: Japan

1972 born in Aichi, Japan
Lives and works in Aichi, Japan

Solo Exhibition:
2003 " The sorrow of young lolinger" Zazou (cafe), Tokyo, Japan
1999 "Did it happen today or tomorrow?" art space dot. Aichi, Japan

Group Exhibition:
2013 "Face to Face" Garage Bonci, Pietrasanta, Italy
2007 "The kindness of strangers" The helm gallery, Washington,D.C., USA
1999 "Let's go young" (art port "given IV") Aichi, Japan
1999 "Cosmic Flavor" art space dot, Aichi, Japan
1998 "Motivatec Space Exhibition" Aichi, Japan
1997 "Nice Art" Aichi, Japan




My recent paintings focus "fungus". This is  explored an interest I have had since childhood. I express "fungus" imaginarily and realistically into a comfortable dreamland.

My work often begins with photographs that I characterize and transform into new compositions and layered with many different colours.
Colour is emphasised dream-like, emotional, atmospheric like illustrated books for children or cartoons.
I manage elements such as illustration, graphic and textile design, children's books, cartoons and Japanese traditional paintings.

I use iwa-enogu and acrylic. Iwa-enogu is mineral pigments for Japanese style painting named Nihonga. I found that iwa-enogu expresses warmer and more romantic images.
Although I use iwa-enogu, I don't use Nihonga technique. First I paint  with acrylic, then paint with iwa-enogu decoratively. I just use iwa-enogu as a material of my artistic expression.

Circle “Circle”

acrylic and mineral pigments (iwa-enogu) on canvas
130x50x2cm (consisting of two pieces)

The garden “The garden”

acrylic and mineral pigments (iwa-enogu) on canvas
60.5 x 60.5 x 2cm

The garden III “The garden III”

acrylic and mineral pigments (iwa-enogu) on canvas
60.5 x 60.5 x 2cm