Janice Sztabnik

Janice Sztabnik
Artist Statement

My paintings are based on the exploration of three factors: the subconscious, improvisation and serendipity. Being that my temperament and style are one of immediacy, working rapidly has advantages best served when unexpected connections and coincidences occur at random.

Of primary interest is the representation of the act and substance of painting itself, traced through process. The emotional tones of my autobiographical paintings can be traced through the speed and weight of the brushstrokes, color and scale of imagery. The intention is to create a material and emotional connection with the viewer, who can retrace my gestures and sensations. The paint itself conveys layers of sensation and meaning open to the viewer’s imagination.

The procedure of reworking the surface relates to the reconstruction of relationships, which change and renew themselves over time. My paintings reflect the relationship I have with myself, with others, and with the medium itself.



Abstract Figuration

Oils on stretched canvas.

Much of my painting exhibits a raw intensity transcribed through direct observation; with the subject being transmuted into high-key color. These paintings are immediate responses from daily life without monitoring and altering my perception of the events, described through paint.