Anneli Di Francis

Anneli Di Francis

Location: Finland

Anneli Di Francis works as an artist in Seinäjoki, Finland. After studying ceramics in the College of Arts and Crafts in Tervola, she searched deeper expression for her work in Norway under the guidance of Kari Bugge-Gjerstad.

Known for her unique world, where triangle headed people in sculptures will meet twisted humour in paintings. Her works have been in several exhibitions around the world.

“In my paintings I prefer circulated canvases, which I'll stretch and prime myself. Vintage tablecloths and towels give each a unique structure for the surface by giving three dimensional contrast to the two dimensional medium.”


Paintings on canvas

Women are all over paintings... Well, I think men are as picturesque.. and mystery.. I do, however, have more in my mind.


Balance “Balance”

Balancing the idea (head) with reality (hands). 2013, oil on canvas, 58x62cm

Fragments of sanity “Fragments of sanity”

The final realization of the true being. 2013, 80 x 80cm, oil on canvas

Question of being “Question of being”

The life is full of colours... the challenge is to see them in within. 2012, 56 x 37cm, oil on canvas

Garden keeper “Garden keeper”

50x70cm, oil on canvas, 2014

The red hat “The red hat”

2014, oil on canvas,46x38cm

Jealousy “Jealousy”

2014,oil on canvas, 46x52cm

The end of season “The end of season”

2014,oil on canvas, 55x46cm

The Foot “The Foot”

2013,oil on canvas,73x59cm

Going home “Going home”

2013, 45x41cm, oil on canvas

Who do we think we are? “Who do we think we are?”

2015, oil on canvas, 46x46cm

Unspoken deeds “Unspoken deeds”

oil on canvas, 105x80cm

Boredom “Boredom”

2016, oil on canvas, 80x101cm.

Untitled “Untitled”

2016, oil on board, 67x62cm framed.

Dear Sorcerer “Dear Sorcerer”

2017, oil on canvas, 55x46 cm

Impossible “Impossible”

2017, oil on canvas, 50x100 cm

Balance between head and heart “Balance between head and heart”

oil on canvas, 2017, 55x46 cm

On paper

Works on paper, oil paints, watercolours and other...

Kiss “Kiss”

mixed media on paper, 38x39cm

Flow “Flow”

Acrylics on paper, framed 22x27 cm

Play goes on “Play goes on”

Hand printed on paper, 40x30 cm

A wife of an alcoholic “A wife of an alcoholic”

colour pencils on paper, 23x32 cm

Today “Today”

2017, oil on paper, 38x25 cm

Learning to fly “Learning to fly”

2017, oil on paper, 50x36cm

I wonder “I wonder”

oil on paper, 2016, 51x43 cm

Memory of a toad “Memory of a toad”

ink on paper, 2017, 30x24cm without a frame

World weaver “World weaver”

ink on paper, 2017, A4

Ceramic sculptures

In my sculptures I play with ideas and feelings, everything is not what it seems, and everything does not seem what it is...

Philosopher “Philosopher”

Handbuilt ceramics, 21x22x11,5 cm

Objection “Objection”

21x15x26 cm, hand built ceramics

Oracle “Oracle”

Hand built ceramics, 30x16x14 cm

Dark side of the moon “Dark side of the moon”

Hand built porcelain, 19x9,5x10 cm

Machinehead “Machinehead”

hand built porcelain, 26x16,5x16,5 cm

Illusion and love “Illusion and love”

hand built ceramics, 25x19x12 cm

Plead “Plead”

hand built ceramics and porcelain, 31x10x8 cm

Haven “Haven”

hand built ceramics, 25x14x10 cm

Out of reach “Out of reach”

hand built ceramics and porcelain, 34x21x8 cm

Mind games “Mind games”

Hand built porcelain, 17x16x13 cm

Thirst “Thirst”

Paper clay, pigments and glass, 30x20x15 cm

Happy solitude “Happy solitude”

ceramics, pigment and oxides. 19x11x8,5 cm

A Mother's Heart “A Mother's Heart”

2016, hand built porcelain, 13x15x15cm

Keeping calm “Keeping calm”

2016, ceramics, 31x20x21cm

Fisher thing “Fisher thing”

2016, ceramics and glass, 29x23x17 cm

Stress and worry “Stress and worry”

2017, ceramics, 25x15x12 cm

False identity “False identity”

ceramics, 2017, 49x23x10 cm

Scream “Scream”

ceramics and glass, 2017, 11x12 cm

Ella “Ella”

ceramics, 2017, 26x19x16 cm

The marble jar “The marble jar”

ceramics, 2017, 30x17 cm