Youngsook Chung Zhang

Born in 1954, Seoul, Korea. In my undoubtedly beautiful memory, I mainly spent my youth wandering through beautiful, colorful, and abundant autumn leaves in near Hong Neoung Mountains. It is then through raindrops I began to see a form of art take place. From my view, I saw the droplets form different sizes and shapes which helped cultivate my experience in art. I started my professional career as a fashion interior design and later, realizing art was my true passion, discovered the world of photography and was very inspired. As a self-taught photographer, I started to express myself through the eye of photography. Later, I immigrated to United States in 2002; here, I have had wonderful experience in traveling country side for long period of times and during these times, I let my imagination began to fly in the forms of photography. Also, I owe a great deal of gratitude to professional photographers and friends who inspired me in life to continue what I love.