Dong Soo Park

Solo Exhibitions 8 times and group exhibitions 300 times
Korean National Art Exhibition, Joong-ang Grand Art Exhibition (National Museum of Comtemporary Art)
'92 IAA Seoul Commemorative Exhibition (Seoul Art Center)
Korea-Netherlands Modern Art Exhibition (Galerie Jos Art, Netherlands)
Korea-Turkey International Art Exchange Exhibition (Turkey: Besiktas Muzesi Gallery)
Korea-India International Art Exchange Exhibition (Lalit Kala National Academy of Art)
Invitation exhibit - The light of Korean Art (Milano Brera Art Center, Italy)
Korea Representative Comtemporary Artists Exhibition for the memory of opening of MBC in USA (Guinet Mall Art Hall, Atlanta)
Gyeonggi Contemporary Art Beijing Exhibition (Gallery Space DA, Beijing)
2010 "Four Seasons of Gyeunggi - Beautiful Landscape" (Suwon Art Center)
Korean 100 contemporary artists invitational exhibition - Gyeongju International Culture Expo ( Gyeongju Expo Cultural Center)

Lecturer in Hongik Univ., Incheon Univ., Seoul National Univ. of Technology etc.
Judge for Korean National Grand Art Contest, Gyeonggi Grand Art Contest, Gyeongin Grand Art Contest, Haengju Grand Art Contest etc.
Judge for 2011 Hong Kong International year of forest art and design competition
The president of Uiwang International Placard Art Festival
The chairman of steering committee : "Four Seasons of Gyeunggi - Beautiful Landscape"
Director of Korean Fine Art Association, Vice chairman of painting department in Korean Fine Art Association, Vice president of Gyeonggi Fine Art Association
Currently counselor of Uiwang Fine Art Association, Editorial staff for the monthly magazine 'Art Price'


Abstract image of landscape

In the procession of his art works, firstly he drips colorful paint on the canvas and covers it with white pigment of mixed media. After that, he scrapes the white surface to express various images. Those images make us feel 'vitality purified and integrated' through a process of dialectical development. It reminds us of the esthetical term ‘noble simplicity and quiet grandeur' by Johann J. Winckelmann, the art historian.
Actually if you take a look at Mr. Park's art works from a little distance it makes you feel the quiet vitality of oriental meditation by his all over painting of numerous lines that covers whole surface of the canvas.
As a result his art world is harmonized by the two factors. One is the sensuous vitality of colorful paint that lies under the surface as a lower basis. The other is the meditative image which get shown by scraping the white cover.