Israel Tsvaygenbaum

Fine artist Israel Tsvaygenbaum was born 1961 in Derbent, Dagestan, Russia. He is a graduate of the Izberbash College in Izberbash, Dagestan, Russia, and holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Krasnodar, Russia. In 1980, Israel organized an artist's group called COLORIT that of exhibited in many cities in Russia. Israel has exhibited in Russia and the United States, and a number of his works are in the collection of the Museum of Imitative Arts, Derbent. Other works can be seen in private collections in nine countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, France, Israel, Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom and the US.


Israel Tsvaygenbaum Art

Welcome to my virtual gallery!

The Angel of Roses “The Angel of Roses”

The painting The Angel of Roses is tribute to a new life. I think that during development of a new life inside a mother’s womb, there exists an angel who is watching over the child in the garden of roses. To me an internal life of women is composed of a colorful paradise; a beautiful garden of roses with butterflies. In a dream, I found these spectra of colors with the angel who cherished the child inside the rose. I relived that dream over and over until I finally depicted it in my painting.

Prayers at the Tree of Life “Prayers at the Tree of Life”

I painted Prayers at the Tree of Life in honor of Holocaust survivor and artist Irene Lieblich and also in honor of people ’s prayers at the Tree of Life. I think that at some point in our lives our prayers turn to a Tree of Life where each branch represents the prayers of a generation. I also think we all have our Tree of Life that hears our prayers.

Two Lives “Two Lives”

The painting Two lives is about the harmony between two forms of beauty; natural, represented by the tree and man-made, represented by the jar with flowers. Both are beautiful in their own right and bring us joy. Sometimes we don’t know which one brings more.

The Wandering Mary Magdalene “The Wandering Mary Magdalene”

The novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown inspired the painting The Wandering Mary Magdalene. I liked his idea that Jesus might have had a child from Mary Magdalene. I think this idea with a child adds another dimension to the topic.

Flight of the Soul “Flight of the Soul”

The painting Flight of the Soul had been painted based off my dreams. Since I moved to the USA, in my dreams I have seen the flights of my soul over my hometown city, Derbent. I love my life in the USA, but my soul still periodically hovers over places where I spent my childhood. I enjoy the flights that my soul takes.

Woman with shawl “Woman with shawl”

Woman with Shawl is dedicated to the women of the Caucasus that I grew up with in Russia. My grandmother, mother and many women in Caucasus wore traditional shawls. They were very colorful with their various beautiful displays of patterns. I still remember how much I liked it when my grandmother and mother wore these colorful shawls. The painting Woman With Shawl depicts my memory of women I grew up with and always loved.

Conjured Melodies “Conjured Melodies”

Conjured Melodies is a painting about the melody of love and beauty. A conjured melody of love allows a bride to fly. The fiddler takes you away with a feeling of love and spirit. Sometimes in my dreams, I see myself as a fiddler. I never knew how to play violin, but I always loved the music of a violin. Working on Conjured Melodies allowed me to be the fiddler in my dream that played for a bride in my painting. Until the bride flies I will continue to be her fiddler.

Moses and the Masks “Moses and the Masks”

I was always fascinated with Moses in the Bible and his tremendous role in Jewish history. I always had an inclination to create a painting about Moses and his relationship with his people, who occasionally challenged and disappointed him with their behavior. The masks represent all our weakness. In the painting, Moses is turned to stone when he saw that his people built a golden calf to worship instead of worshiping God who saved them from slavery and that they too, sin. The painting Moses and the masks is a reflection of complexity of human beings.