Brigitte Wolf
Born into a large German family, Brigitte first traveled to and lived in England, then immigrated to the USA, eventually settling in Chicago. Serious study in art was put aside until her family was grown. 
She has studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Noyes Center, Palette and Chisel and the Evanston Art Center. Her works have attracted critical attention and may be found in private collections both here and in Europa as well as in Galleries. 

Artist’s Statement 
Although my early training focused on a study of the old masters, my recent work has become more abstract.  I am exhilarated by the challenge of evoking ideas in the viewer from the forms that escape from my fingers. 
Just a brushstroke on a canvas gives me the freedom to do anything I envision; there are no limits other than the dimensions of the canvas itself. I enjoy exploring the canvas, plumbing its depth and dimensions to create a piece that challenges the intellect, invites curiosity, and creates pleasure.