Karin A.

Karin A.

Location: France

I am a french amateur photographer who started photography seriously in 2010. I love taking pictures of animals, landscapes, people. and sometimes, i love create my reality with my photographs....
For the moment, i am a free styled photographer...
you can see all my work in photography here :
- http://karinchasseusedimages.blogspot.fr/ or
- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karin-A-photography-Chasseuse-dimages/185783588133576


Abandonned house

the biker and his house... “the biker and his house... ”

I have create my reality by creating this assembly(editing) photo: the background exists but I added the character whom I re-go of see by taking the photo a sexy motorcyclist....

J'ai crée ma réalité en créant ce montage photo : l'arrière-plan existe mais j'ai rajouté le personnage que je révais de voir en prenant la photo.... un motard sexy....