Larain Matheson

Art for me is transformative. I am a painter, a multi media artist working primarily in ENCAUSTIC MEDIUM. I recieved an M.F.A. from U.C.L.A. and have done art for over 35 years. I studied with Richard Diebenkorn while working on my masters and also with J.De Feo at the SF Art INstitute. Mentoring me they inspired me to continue painting form natrue and the figure. my work ios influenced by my environment. Living on the northcoast of Calif. I am inspired by the ELEMENTS:Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I exhibit in the Bay Area,Calif, Colorado and in New Mexico galleries.
I have recently been in the following shows: YOu may visit my website to see more of my resume and work.

2014 Encaustic Art Institute, N.M. <" Nature of Art"
2014 Crestone Artisans Gallery, Co
2014 Mendocino Art Center Juried show
2014 Dianne Neuman Gallery Altar show
2014 Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Juried 'RED " show
2014 Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tuscon, 9th Invitational Encaustic
2014 Blue Canoe Cafe Gallery, Anchor Bay
2014 Handley Cellars Winery group show

2013 O Hanlon Center for the Arts, Juried exhibit, "Uncommon Landscapes"
2013 Berkeley Art Center, Members Show, "Array"Dec.
2013 DOLPHIN GALLERY-Sept. featured artist,
2013 Encaustic Art INstitute, New Mexico, members show
2013 Matheson Design Gallery, Gualala,Ca.
2013 Handley Winery Preview Show, Ca.
2013 Mendocino Art Center, Juried Show, Award
2013 Group Figure Show, Dolphin Gallery
2013-Published artwork in ART TAKES MIAMI, Fal. catalogue for 2012 exhibit
2012 Wax Digital Juried Show, INternational Encaustic Artiists
2012Crestone Artisans Gallery, Colo.
2012 Corner Gallery, Ukiah Ca. featured artist
2012 Mendocino Art Center, Ca. Juried Garden Show
2012 Studio Discovery Tour, coast Ca.


Vibrant Colors/recent work

These paintings are using encaustic medium, mixed media and oils. They are reflective of the ocean, strata of fog, and the ever-changing seascape on the northern Ca. coast. My studio is here and I am always alert to the atmosphere and the elements that I see.

Hummingbird Song “Hummingbird Song”

Birds flying in a space of warm honey color towards the nectar that calls to them. Encaustic medium.

REd Lines Open “REd Lines Open”

Using Japanese paper and monoprint technique above the painted encaustic landscape, this image is joyful and dynamic with a sense of the abstract.

Golden Gate “Golden Gate”

INspired by the ocean and the Golden Gate bridge. This painting uses gold leaf to define the bridge in abstract terms.

Sky and Ocean “Sky and Ocean”

This painting shows the dynamic movement of the waves in beautiful turquoise and blue hues.

Uncommon Landscape “Uncommon Landscape”

This is a monoprint landscape/seascape done on Japanese paper mounted on birch board. Shows unusual space and layers of land or ocean, or rock receding in space. Beautiful transparencies.