I am a man who lives and breathes, almost every day, and lives for art. I like to create and enjoy my work fully. I am always looking forward new art to do, new supplies, new surfaces, etc.,etc., and such. I’m modest and down to earth I harbor little expectations and give myself praise for the life I live, I believe in Jesus and the underdog often is the winner. I just try to enjoy my life my art, my journey. I hurt none and I get that back 10 fold. I’m not one for absolutes, there’s always room to grow. I’ve been avidly drawing for almost seven years now. I have always been interested in art and gave it up to write and journal fir about 10 years or so. Then I had an epiphany and I let everything go that was weighing me down, every bit of it, gone and I started drawing that evening and haven’t stopped yet. The block was over and a new path opened up. Hate where I am at today. This is dedicated to my Mom who passed 3-22-2021, my solace and fan, my hope and peace, right and good in me I owe to you an Daddy! I’m eternally grateful for such a wonderful wonder filled life. I could not have asked for more. Enjoy there’s more to come


The Grievance

Dedicated to my Mum who passed on 3/22/21 at 4:22 p.m. life bad forever changed. I owe this new journey to you for all you and daddy gave to me. These are people seen, known, passed by, noticed, and noted. These scratches stuck out to me. Enjoy

The man #22 “The man #22”

Watercolor, pigment sticks

The lady#57 “The lady#57”

Watercolor and pigment sticks