Stella Jones

Stella Singleton-Jones

All my life I have been an art enthusiast. In 2007, after recovering from a debilitating disease, I returned to my first love of stone sculpting. The inspiration for my sculptures comes from the strength shown by passionate individuals and God’s earthly creation.
My gift has earned me several coveted exhibition opportunities. Most recently my sculptures were exhibited at the Oscars, MTV, and ESPY Award pre-shows. Additionally, one of the high points of my career occurred in 2009 when my sculpture, Unity, was selected to be displayed in the White House.
My stone sculptures represent strength, harmony, calmness, and peacefulness to enhance the beauty in life as an inspiration to others to never give up on one’s dream.
My art training includes attending Otis Art Institution, Santa Monica Jr. College and UCLA. My art career has kept me well rounded and balance with life’s challenges. I hope my art journey will continue to inspire.


sculptures by Stella

The Star Circle stone sculpture is an Oberrago stone with a walnut base and steel rods. This sculpture was made completely by hand and is the only one of a kind work of art in the world. The weights is 45 lbs and 19' inches tall. This is a very beautiful art piece which would be an eye catcher for any home or office.

Them Bones “Them Bones”

Them Bones is a Soap Stone with a Maghoney base. The weight is 25lbs and 17" inches tall. This is an awesome art piece and made completely by hand. The brown and soft green tones are eye striking and breath taking. This is a must eye art piece and will inhence any home or office.