Sinikka Elfving

Sinikka Elfving

Location: Norway

I was born in Finland and live now in Norway. I paint about life, the human being in the center of his life as a part the creation. The Blue Rose in my works stands for love, the meaning of life and the metaphysical desire for eternity.

I also paint about peace and suffering of women and children as the victims of war. The Red Rose in those works symbolizes the pain and the sorrow of broken hearts: the tears of mothers who lose their sons in the battlefields and the suffering of women as a result of the violation of human rights. It also stands for Peace when the pure love of humanity wins over the wars and the darkness and there is time for reconciliation.


The profound subjects confronted by Sinikka Elfving's are accentuated and eloquently communicated by intense colors, powerful lines that strike the viewer. Sinikka Elfving's enigmatic forests in dark greens, purples and blues, blur the viewer's vision with a surreal play of color, form and perspective, providing a scope of altered reality and penetration into the soul.

The artist's melancholic use of color conveys a visual effect that contributes to the mesmerizing aesthetic impression sensed by the spectator. Shapes are formed by hazy yet vivacious and vibrant brush strokes, creating depth and personality. Sinikka interprets religious themes, nature and abstracts, the artist's mind is communicated on canvas with and is a true manifestation of talent. Elfving's skeptical yet positive nature, next to her education in Philosophy and Psychology are instantly perceptible. One can see the influence of the Dutch and German Expressionists in what is an emancipation of the study of the mind.

Sinikka's talent transcends from the physical and appeals to the spiritual as well as one's inner self. The artist is led by the humanistic and ethical values, by romanticism and philosophers such as Voltaire and Plato. By using religious subjects, she questions of our deepest thoughts and highlights the values of to day's society, which according to her, are unfortunately driven by materialism. Every artwork by Elfving is a journey into the unknown leading the viewer to absolute freedom and to the essence of the soul.

By Victoria Ludwig

Sinikka Elfving I Visual Artist


My Art

Blue Rose 1 “Blue Rose 1”

Acrylic on canvas 2012

Blue Rose 2 “Blue Rose 2”

Acrylic on canvas 2013

Ice Queen “Ice Queen”

Acrylic on canvas 2006

Serenity “Serenity”

Oil on canvas 2000

Field of Butterflies “Field of Butterflies”

Acrylic on paper 2010, 30x40

Girl and the Moon “Girl and the Moon”

Acrylic on paper 2010, 30x40

River “River”

Oil pastel on paper 2003, 20x30

Darkness “Darkness”

Silk paper collage and acrylic on cardboard 2001, 20x30

Prisoner of the Road “Prisoner of the Road”

Acrylic on canvas 2014, 30x60

Queen of Light “Queen of Light”

Acrylic on canvas 2014
30x60 cm

Secret Garden “Secret Garden ”

60x60 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 2014

Angel with Red Roses “Angel with Red Roses ”

Acrylic on canvas 2014
80x80 cm

Peace “Peace”

Acrylic on canvas 2011
40x100 cm

Metamorhposis 2000 “Metamorhposis 2000 ”

Acrylic on paper
20x30 cm

Messanger  1998 “Messanger 1998”

Mixed media on paper
30x40 cm

New Moon 2014 “New Moon 2014”

Acrylic on canvas
50x60 cm

Black Swan “Black Swan”

Acrylic on canvas 2015
90 x 90 cm

One Way Street / 2016 “One Way Street / 2016”

Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 cm