Charlotte Hastings

I ‘m a semi retired artist living in Lawrence Kansas. An artist since childhood, I have experimented and mastered many mediums oils, acrylics, sculpture are a few of those mediums. I taught classes in oils for many years. I owned & operated a cottage industry for 17 years creating a line of clay ornaments & jewelry I sold all over the world. About 10 years ago I discovered color pencils and never looked back. I love the way I can capture light & Shadows In the portraits I do of my family. My inspiration comes from wanting to have these treasured memories in my home, photos are great but a painting I create from those snapshots of life are even more special. I strive to capture details, I like high contrast. I do animal, still life and landscapes in color pencils but my favorite is portraits. I do color pencil artwork on commission working from photographs. I’m also a licensed artist for the Kansas Jayhawks Rock chalk Jayhawk! The medium for this art is usually acrylics.


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