Anne Gro Starefoss Greve


Location: Norway

About the artist

Anne Gro Starefoss Greve is a Norwegian painter. From her atelier in Bergen, she interprets her native region’s fjords, mountains and inhabitants in acrylic paint on canvas, pastel chalk and Giclée print. Starefoss Greve’s works have been exhibited in several European countries. She continues to explore visual expressions of relationships between humans and nature.

Gallery representations
Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Exhibition International
Artportable Stockholm, Sweden, November 2019
Hägernes Strands Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden, 14.1-1.2.20
Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, France, 10-12.9.21
Art Nordic, Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen, Denmark,
ArtFair3F Monaco, 24-26.6.2022

International Collective Exhibition at Van Gogh Art Gallery,
Madrid, Spaine 30 Sept-14 Okt 2022
Bruxelles Art Fair, 25th to 27th November Van Goch Art

Palm Beach Show Art Fair, Steidel Fine Art, 16-21 Febryary

Exhibition Norway
7 Groupe and 12 Solo Exhibitions last 2 years

Awards and Prizes

Circle Foundation of Arts, Spotlight Contemporary Art
Magasin November 2021
Circle Foundation of Art, Art Ideal Magazine Issue 2, Mars 2022
Sporlight Contemporary Art 28th Issue May 2022
CFA-Art Certificate of Exellence May/June
Circle Foundation Art, Sporlight Magazin issue 30th, Sept 2022
Circle Foundation of Art, Spotlighr Contemperary Art Magazin 30th issue September 2022
World Wide Art Magaxin 12th issue

Art Contests
Participate in Artist of the Month Competition and received the Certificate for remarkable artwork, Circle Foundation on January 2022
Artboxy artist sponsorship by Thomson Gallery art prize, selected as one of 100 winners, publish March 2022
Artavita, contest theme Hope, one of 100 finalists, totally 609 artists participated, February 2022
World Wide Magazine Issue 9, Artavita contest 1 of 40 winners, April 2022
CFA.artist of the month, Exellence Award Price, June 2022
Finalist Certificate, 55th Artavita Online Art Consept for Artexpo New York Spring 2023
Artist Excellent Award Certificate for 2022-2023,Circle Foundation on Circle February 2023
ArtIdeal Magazine Cover Contest, 1 of 40 finalists june 2023

Memberships and Portfolios
Portfolio Artavita
Portfolio Artportable, Sweden
Konstnaralliansen, Sverige

Coming up

Art fairs
Palm Beach Show Art Fair, Steidel Fine Art, February 2024

Solo and group exhibitions in Norway

Solo Exhibition Artifact Gallery 5th of February 2025

Artist statement

I’m inspired by being close to nature. My atelier is between the fjords and mountains, at a small iland outside Bergen, Norway. I grew up here, among fishermen, farmers and traders, in a community that has always depended on the sea. My education as a decorator led to a career as a manager for purchasing and marketing designer products. But I continue to interpret Nordic Landscapes and creatures, in acrylic paint on canvas, pastel chalk and watercolor; and for the past several years art has been my full-time occupation.



Acryl painting on linen canvas

Oselvar and the Morning Mist “Oselvar and the Morning Mist”

70x90 cm, acrylic on linnen canvas

Swan Family “Swan Family”

120x70 cm, acrylic on linen canvas

Sunflower Study 2 “Sunflower Study 2”

60x120 cm, acrylic on linen canvas

Late Autumn “Late Autumn”

120x100 cm, acrylic on canvas

Herd of Wildsheep Friends “Herd of Wildsheep Friends”

120x60 cm, acrylic on canvas