Dana Hujerova

I have started to take a pictures because I was bored :-) as a accompany of my husband who takes a pictures of the nature at sunrise. During waiting for the "right moment" I have started to look arround me and I discovered beauty of "macro world".


morning moments

spiders´s pearls “spiders´s pearls”

this picture was made morning at sunrise when the nature is waking up...

crater into the flower “crater into the flower”

morning dew makes a miracles

Africa on the leaf “Africa on the leaf”

autumn time can create wonderful combinations and pictures

Drocera rotundifolia “Drocera rotundifolia”

very little carnivorous flower with possible victim :-)

sharp glitter “sharp glitter”

amazing combination of gentless & sharpness

dandelions “dandelions”

picture in the picture