Sara Iran Nejad

Sara Iran Nejad

Location: Australia

Sara Irannejad is an Iranian born visual artist based in Brisbane, who’s expressionist and surreal works represent both the beauty and innocence of folklore and legends versus the bitter taste of reality. She is interested in using sharp and vivid colours to express her feelings on psychological aspects of humans’ life and its powerful feature of making everlasting memories.

Growing up in Persia (Iran), Sara has been raised in a country with a great deal of social and cultural contradictions; from rich aspects of Persian art and culture, in contrast to the political issues, human rights and freedom limitations, it all affected her art works and the way that she tells her stories. The recent protests and political conditions in Iran and Middle East have influenced her works to a great extent.

She has been an active artist and participating in many cultural and artistic activities from 2010. Adding to her education skills, following her BFA in Graphic Design at Tehran University, she also has completed a Screen and Media diploma in Animation at Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, QLD in 2013.