Zephyra Vun | Anarchi Design

Zephyra Vun | anARCHI design

Location: Canada

Zephyra Vun was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where she still resides today. She studied Architecture at the University of Manitoba, graduating with a Masters Degree in 2011. She founded anARCHI design in 2012, her own multi-disciplinary, solo art studio in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, a central neighbourhood known for its rich arts and culture scene, and deemed the city's creative hub.
Zephyra's portfolio of artwork is always architecturally inspired. Her work emphasizes the importance of hand-crafted authenticity in today’s digital age, and humanizing the creative process to preserve originality. The notion of scale and how our bodies participate in art and in architecture is also very present in her work. As such, “the self” becomes a consistent point of origin across Vun’s portfolio.
Zephyra maintains a strong presence in the fine arts field, exhibiting her work internationally with representation by Circle Arts Foundation and New York Art Productions. Simultaneously, she acts from a more curatorial position promoting local artists in Winnipeg and organizing major events and exhibitions for a variety of creative organizations.
Zephyra was one of 60 international artists to be featured in Circle Art Magazine, Issue 9, in the summer of 2018. Her most recent international exhibition was in 2017 at Bricklane Gallery in London, England.


Zephyra Vun | anARCHI design

Zephyra Vun’s signature work is labyrinth architecture drawings – detailed and complex depictions of space. These fantastical drawings, conveying both two and three dimensions, exemplify Zephyra’s background in architecture. They are densified with the intricate relationships of household objects and human activity and showcase Zephyra’s creative ability to conjure architecture with which to generate a story. Her drawings stimulate an engagement with the viewer to become lost within the drawing as the eye meanders across the page.

As commissions, these eye-catching drawings become distinctly customized and uniquely personal renderings of individuals’ lives. Highly sought after, Zephyra’s one-of-a-kind labyrinth architecture drawings embody the layered depth and dynamism of life in action - real and/or imagined.

346/348 Arbuthnot St. “346/348 Arbuthnot St.”

Pencil on paper. 20"x40". 2015

Here is the House “Here is the House”

Pencil on paper. 24"x36". 2013

1282 Lorette Ave. “1282 Lorette Ave.”

Pencil on paper. 11"x17". 2019

25 Swann Drive “25 Swann Drive”

Pencil on paper. 24"x24". 2018

Prairie Theatre Exchange “Prairie Theatre Exchange”

Pencil on paper. 11"x14". 2018