Geoffrey Brandon

geoffrey Brandon

Location: Australia

I commenceed sketching and painting in 1989 as a result of reading a book on the Great Adventures of Michelangelo
major influences have beenVincent van Gogh, and to a lesser extent Paul gauguin and Portraits of the Renaissance period

I have been a finalist in the Australia Open Mosman Art Prize, The Artists of Mosman,, The Mosman Art Society, and North Sydney Council Art Exhibition
Please feel free to make any sales enquiries to me on my art or a request for a Van Gogh other replica or a Gauguin replica
I have received 3 Certificates of Honor from Artavita in their various contests
(1) The Wave
(2)The Karaoke Singer outside the Sydney Opera House at Night
(3)Self Portrait of Moi -The Karaoke Singer

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My Photo

I am a Karaoke singer from way back
In my portfolio there will be a self portrait
There will also be a wave breaking and a philosophy regarding its meaning
I am an artist that loves colour and optimism in my art as well as creativity
As well as certain travel experiences

My self Portrait “My self Portrait”

A self Portrait of me as a karaoke Singer

The Wave “The Wave”

The Waves of Time
The waves of time as only the ocean can tell
Time goes on and counts every wave ,as it washes itself it self upon the shore
Some waves are big and some are small but time marches on ,as it reminds us of itself

ferry ride in Queenstown New Zealand

This art started when I was having a ski holiday in New Zealand,

Four baots on the beach

This is a Vincent van Gogh replica

Turtle in Hawaii-North Shore “Turtle in Hawaii-North Shore”

This is a turtle on the north shore near Sunset Beach
The turtle was on the sand

My fish catch “My fish catch”

Art of two fish caught on my boat

white passionfruit hawaii “white passionfruit hawaii”

This is a still life of a tray of fruit and vegetables in the Hawaiian Islands dominated by white passionfruit and cherry tomatoes

the Golfer “the Golfer”

This art was started on a golf course in Sydney and has attracted attention

Midnight Cafe

This is a Vincent van Gogh Replica

Rooster in Hawaiian Islands

Free roaming Rooster in Hawaii the Big island

Tropic Marianne-still life “Tropic Marianne-still life”

This is a tropic Marianne-still life I have at home

sydney harbour from a boat

This art was started from a boat ride

Boys Football match in North Sydney “Boys Football match in North Sydney”

This is a final of a boys football match I attended

what's new “what's new”

This is a Paul Guigan replica

the boy with the flute

This is a Renoir replica called "The boy with the flute"

Diamond Head and waikiki beach “Diamond Head and waikiki beach”

This art commenced in Waikiki Beach ,
Also I have climbed Diamond Head

The Karaoke Singer

This art is about a dedicated Karaoke singer who is dreaming of singing his stuff at the Opera House in Sydney , Australia
The presence of mist at night through the painting reflects that thought

I am a karaoke singer from way back when
I wrote a piece on this as well
Singing, like Art is time out from a sometimes troubled world-it teaches us life skills, which we carry everywhere we go
It usually involves training, patience and interest, and then one day it evolves into what we call talent

Underwater Hawaii

This art was created from underwater photography whilst snorkelling in Hawaii on the North Shore
I find this new dimension to be a new frontier

Eastern Water Dragon “Eastern Water Dragon”

This is an eastern water Dragon which is prevalent on the East Coast of Australia Ie Sydney side
It is actually a lizard with two false eyes additionanlly

Black sand beach in Hawaiian Islands

This is a Black Sandy beach in Oahu on the North Shore in the Hawaiian Islands

The Boy with the Flute

This is a Monet replica of The Boy with the Flute
I have always liked this painting which I think would look good in a boys room
I have it in my second bedroom

Cup and saucer set

This Painting is what they used to call a cigar box size painting -we pain it on specially cut Masonite which we prime
We now have an exhibition in Sydney that imitates the old cigar 9 by5 inches size painting
These size paintings were from the early 1900's

Middle Harbour again in Sydney

Middle Harbour again in Sydney ,just a different aspect

Vase of Flowers-still life

This painting was another Finalist in the Mosman Australian Open Art Prize
It is a Vase of Singapore Orchids ,Roses ,Kalangelo and Gerbera Flowers

Mosman Wharf

This is an earlier painting which was a finalist in the Mosman Australian open Art Prize

Mosman Wharrf

This is the first painting I did to be a Finalist in the Mosman Australian Open Art Prize

Still Life at Sunset Beach “Still Life at Sunset Beach”

This is an unusual artwork-it was at a farmhouse at Sunset Beach Hawaii

View of Opera House across Sydney Harbour

This painting was exhibited as a Finalist in the North Sydney Art Prize and was further exhibited in the North Sydney Council Library (Stanton Library) Inner Exhibition

View of Opera House across Sydney Harbour

This painting was exhibited as a Finalist in the North Sydney Art Prize and was further exhibited in the North Sydney Council Library (Stanton Library) Inner Exhibition

Farmhouse -Sunset Beach -Hawaii

This painting was painted at a farmhouse -Sunset beach Hawaii

Welcoming in the New Millenium

This painting was again a Finalist in the Mosman Australian Open Art Prize

Milson Park,on Sydney Harbour

This is a well known Park in the North Sydney area on the edge of Sydney Harbour
I am a member of the Sailing Club on the right hand side of painting

Opera House across Syndey Harbour

This Painting was a Finalist in the North Sydney Art Exhibition and was further exhibited in the North Sydney Library Exhibition (Stanton Library)