Abby Peterfeso

I paint people. Mostly in watercolor and other fluid mediums. I am a mental health therapist, in addition to an artist, and am deeply inspired by honest, raw emotions. I often toy with lines between realism and abstraction, and while much of my work is feminine in nature, I hope to express something that alludes to commonalities in the human experience.


Portraits and Figures

Portraiture and figurative works in watercolor, ink and fluid media.

Disjointed “Disjointed”

2.5 X 3.5 inches
Watercolor on Clapboard finished with UV archival varnish and cold wax

Emersed “Emersed”

Watercolor on aquabord
Finished with UV, archival varnish and cold wax

Naked “Naked”

5X7 watercolor on aquabord
Finished with Uv, archival varnish

Sunshine “Sunshine”

3.5x3.5 in
Watercolor on Claybord
Finished with UV archival varnish and cold wax

Fluid “Fluid”

11x14 watercolor and ink on Yupo