Alexandra Finkelchtein

Alexandra Finkelchtein

Location: Canada

I’ve studied from the world’s renown artists, like Odd Neddrum, Erick Fischl, Julie Heffernan, Steven Assael, Nicola Verlato, Vincent Desiderio, etc.
My arworks have been critiqued by artists like Jenny Saville, - Royal Academy of Art and Art critique and writer Donald Kuspit, contributor of the Art Forum magazine, Art in America etc.
09.2010-04.2012 MFA from New York Academy of Arts, New York, NY, US
01.2008-08.2010 BFA in Art History and Studio Arts from Concordia University,
Montreal, Qc, Canada

Selected Exhibitions: Group and Solo Shows:
I has been exhibiting alongside world the artists like Jeff Koons, Erick Fishl, Yoko Ono, Walton Ford, Francesco Clemente, Vincent Desiderio, Steven Assael etc.

2017-2018 Upcoming, Gone. Solo Show, The Artifact Gallery, New York, NY, US
June 2016, Upcoming.Traveling Show, Urbino, Bologna, Milan, by MAGMA, Italy
April 2016. Upcoming. Woman’s Essence. MUSA at Hernandez Gallery, Milan, Italy.
March 2016 So-Real-Knowledge, Show, Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
October 2015 Take Home a Nude International Art Show Sotheby Action House, NY NY US
July 2015 The Exposure Award Show, The Louvre Museum, Paris, France.
June 2015 In Focus. New Photography Collection Exhibition by Saatchi Art
December 2014 Art Basel Miami, Art show by Scope, Miami, FL US.
March 2014 Armory week International satellite Show at See.Me Gallery, New York, NY, US
December 2013, Miami, Art Basel, International Show with See.Me, New York, NY, US
June 2013 Creative Rising Show, New York, NY, US
January 2013 London Biennale, Chelsea Town Hall, Gugliardi Group, London, UK,
September 2012 Green Apples NYAA/CAFA On-line Show, USA/China.
April 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Satellite Show at Wilkinson Gallery at New York Academy of Arts, New York, NY, US
February 2011 Centennial CAA Show at Hunter College external MFA Gallery, New York, NY, US
March 2003 International One of a Kind Show, Exhibition Center, Toronto, Canada,
May 2002, International Fine Art Show at Soutomajor, Spain,
March 2002 Spring Show with Le Cercle des artistes peinters et sculpteurs du Quebec at Brancusi Center, Montreal, Qc, Canada

Di Trapani, Laura. Woman’s Essence. Milan, Italy (Upcoming). Ed. Musa International Art Space: 2016. Print
Ed. The Exposure Award.. Amsterdam: Pecho, 2015. Print Pp 3.
Donald Kuspit at al The Figure, New York, Skira Rizzoli: 2014. Print. Pp. 83.
ISBN 1000847843750

Awards and Residency:
2015, Exceptional Artist Award, Ministry of Absorption and Immigration of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 Exceptional Artist Award, Israeli Artists Association, Holon, Israel
2011, Golden Key International Honour Society Excellence Award, Atlanta, US
2011, Summer Residency, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY, US
2011, Henry Bull Scholarship, New York Academy of Arts, New York, NY, US
2010, Merit Scholarship, New York Academy of Arts, New York, NY, US
2008, Millennium Scholarship, Concordia University, Quebec, Canada


My works are collected in US, Canada and Israel by remarkable collectors like Eileen Gugenheim NY,NY, US, Howard Tulman Chicago, US, Roni Rosenblatt, Tel-Aviv,Israel etc.


Garden of the Mind

My mind navigates through a garden of thoughts, images, visions, and memories composing a unique picture that reflects a moment, a perspective or reflection at some particular place, at the some particular time.


CA stands for Canada, where I reside and experience life. The work is a 3D collage, and could be sold as original or as a digital print of limited edition of 7

H2W1T5 “H2W1T5”

The work is a 3D collage that could be sold as an original, or a digital print of limited edition of 7

Dog Walker “Dog Walker”

Walking a dog through various grounds creates a very specific mental space and this #d Digital collage is a reflection on the experience. Limited edition of 7

Fragment of my Face “Fragment of my Face”

This work could go two ways; as a digital print from edition of seven, or as commission for a an Oil or Acrylic painting of any size.

Kangaroo “Kangaroo”

This work is a 3D digital collage from the limited edition of seven

Tree “Tree”

Celebration of the life represented by the tree