Davide Vezzaro

Davide VEZZARO, 1971, although born far from the sea, in a small town in the south of Switzerland, was able to, and in fact continues to, benefit from the magnificence of the limpid and icy Alpine lakes and rivers close to home, developing both his photographic and artistic technique in these waters. These are places where the extreme conditions would seem to discourage anyone, but which, with patience and insistence, slowly reveal to the sensitive and attentive visitor endless patterns, reflections and light, capable of preserving their passion over time, evidence of a varied and constantly developing artistic journey.
Born with the desire to explore the most remote underwater places on the planet and to convey the emotions these places create and leave behind after each dive, the artist has become a witness to all the underwater wonders he encounters, especially for those who are not fortunate enough to be able to explore the underwater world. As a silent reporter, he gives subjects and underwater sceneries a personal interpretation, choosing to highlight not so much their biological aspects but searching for a deeper interpretation; although very attentive to technique, he lets himself be carried away by creativity and sometimes by adrenaline towards the creation of his underwater works; his photos capture the dynamic aspect of each moment, giving a sense of movement and continuity to each shot.


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