Theo Tjong (visual Photographer)

Theo Tjong (visual photographer)

Location: Suriname

SURNAME: Tjong-A-Tjoe

Theo Tjong has held numerous expositions in The Netherlands, Surinam and Curacao. In recent years, a recurrent theme has been capturing the visual beauty of Surinam (nature of the rain forest as well as cultural events).
In the Seventies photographs from ‘Tjong’, at the time working in The Netherlands as ‘Tjong-Spaan’, were incorporated in the STICUSA collection. In 2006 the whole collection was entrusted to the Surinam Museum.
In 1975, the year Surinam gained its independence, STICUSA organised a solo-exposition of his photographs, in Surinam. In the same year, as part of the cultural exchange between The Netherlands and Surinam, STICUSA incorporated several of his pictures in the National Art Exhibition which also took place in Surinam.
Since 1993 ‘Tjong’ has hosted no less than eight expositions in art gallery Bremmer (Tilburg, The Netherlands); six of those were solo ones. He is also well known on Curaçao where he has shown his work several times. In 2004, upon an invitation from the Curaçao Museum, he held an exposition in the Snip Gallery, giving a snap view of his photographs. And in the Open workshop – Curaçao, Dutch Antilles in 2011.

‘Tjong’ has taken part in more than 50 exhibitions so far. Amongst the best known are:
‘Gallery Den Uil’ – Tilburg, The Netherlands (1971)
Art Market – Oirschot, The Netherlands (1973, 1974)
The ‘Doelen’ – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (1976)
Art Gallery Bremmer – Tilburg, The Netherlands (1993 – 1995 – 1997 – 2002 – 2003 – 2013)
National Art Gallery (STICUSA Collection) – Paramaribo, Surinam (1975)
National Art Gallery – Paramaribo, Surinam (2003 – 2009 – 2011)
From May 2010 a permanent photographic exposition - Open Air Museum, New Amsterdam, Surinam

In 2004, he was short-listed for the Arch of Europe Award in the Gold Category ‘Quality and Technology’ granted by the international Selection Committee of Business Initiative Directions (BID) in Madrid, Spain.

Participation in Cultural and Artistic Association in 2016 Artimo Italy, chosen at the 60 best entries, exhibited by 16-30 October in Stadio di Domiziano in Rome.


Digital Image Art

The latest fotocolletie called: "Digital Image Art". The method should be called is new, but the principle is as old as the analogue photography and falls under the heading of "multiple print". The end result is both delivering one photo composed of multiple recordings. At the analogue photography are multiple negatives in the darkroom one composite picture printed. In digital photography, this is done by combining pictures on the computer into a single picture. I call it: "Digital Image Art".

Photo Graphics / Illustration

(Mr Martin Broesterhuizen, president of photo club "Kontrast" in Tilburg, Netherlands last year at the opening of the exhibition "Digital Image Art".)

"One for the photography currently important question is:" To shop or not to shop, that's the question! "
You should not translate the word ' shop ' as shopping. As photographers shopping, they are working on Photoshop, the most widely used program for digital photo editing. In our photo club we have regular discussion on. On the one hand, there are photographers who want to use Photoshop only for small improvements to a captured image as perfect as possible. Others find that the digital tools is correct invented for far-reaching interventions, possibly also in less well made pictures. Sometimes parts of the image are cut away and other image elements added digitally.
Theo is undeniably a Photoshopper of the last kind. He goes beyond the typical user, which improves color, brightness, and contrast and retouch minor flaws. Proceeds In the way Theo, betrays itself are long past work as graphic artist. He not only combines his photos. He also creates new digital images. He does this from photos he has made, sometimes from elements he has selected, Theo calls himself on his website ' images photographer '. Me, it seems more fitting him with the contraction ' to describe picture graphic artist '. At Theo are the photographer and the graphic artist inextricably linked.
As I have just said, discussing photographers often about the boundary of photography. For an artist, so also a picture graphic artist, it is not so important or a created work still qualifies for the name "photo". It is a two-dimensional picture, that whether or not at the viewer enters. The experience of this exhibition is to you, as visitors ".

'Curaçao seen through the lens'

What I already thought for a while is confirmed, Curaçao is at the top when it comes to the number of photos currently taken from a place. Already for some years I have a problem when visiting Curaçao with the question: 'how many times have you visited Curaçao'. To be honest I have been lost count. What I did not lost are the moments captured on the negatives, slides, and digital sensor.
The question: 'do you also have pictures of Curacao?' I will now visually answer that.
What the tourist on Curaçao quickly nows ar the names Punda and Otrobanda (means the other side).
I cannot fully share my picture collection Curaçao nevertheless hereby I open a part of the veil, 'Curaçao seen through the lens'.