Coppens Sebastiaan

Coppens Sebastiaan

Location: Belgium

Biography Sebastiaan Coppens

The young Belgian artist Sebastiaan Coppens was born In Gent on 15 October 1983. He began studying ceramics even as a kid and attracted by craftsmanship/artistry, he followed glass courses at the Art University of Gent, where he falls in love with the amazing technique of glassblowing. To specialize he went working as an assistant glassblower in France.
To avoid restrictions in the size he uses different techniques and materials while glass always is the core of his sculptures.
To show his blown glass objects is an important factor for the determination of his work. Liquidity, transparantie, reflection, shape and colour... the ability of becoming skilled in a difficult technique and his conviction to protect this craft by showing the craft in contemporary art. He writes and photographs.

Only 22 years old he made his first exposition, when he became 26th he already was fully professional, exposing in Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands. Caused a furore producing "easy to love" glass objects alternating with vanitas and glass installations with museum confront the visitor with issues in the human behavior or to notify that skills and authenticity are attacked with the trending economical cultural indifferences, the unfair position between the creator and the (art-)designer...think about automation, imitation, and espionage...

The titel for each work is a poetical metaphor provoking the questions leading to awareness and contemplation... hopefully causing a wise, respectful and openminded universal mentality!



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Bronze/ Blown-Glass

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Bone / blown-glass