Fatemeh Roghaniha

Fatemeh Roghaniha

Location: Iran

Fatemeh Roghaniha is an artist with more than 15 years of professional experience including nurturing and teaching art, especially pottery to more than 500 people in different generations. Her interest spectrum includes fine arts, pottery, candle making, carpet weaving, and.....

She was born in 1985, Tehran, Iran. Her interest in art goes back to her childhood. She invested in her interest since she was a little girl by attending summer programs and workshops. Like many people, she went to school and started her college, not in art though. However, she never stopped following her dreams to become a professional pottery artist. Due to the lack of an academic education system in this field, she started taking professional pottery classes and attending workshops while she was studying in college. That is to say, most of her experience comes from personal trial and error.

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