Ziba Moasser

Born into a gifted family of painters in 1959, Iran, Ziba Moasser now lives in Luxembourg. As a self-taught artist, Ziba found her passion in Acrylic painting in late 2016. Having had her first exhibition in London on May 2017, Ziba has embarked on a creative journey, portraying her emotional experience of personal and physical war and peace, which come through in her paintings with an added universal depth. Ziba Moasser has recently combined her two passions together: semi-precious stones and painting.


Paintings from AIAF 2017

There paintings were exhibited at the Amsterdam International Art Fair (AIAF) 2017.

These paintings include 23.5 Liquid Gold, 'Crystal' Quartz, Rose Quartz, Onyx, Coral, Turquoise, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Agate and Jasper.

Undersea Sunrise “Undersea Sunrise ”

This painting includes 23.5 Liquid Gold and 'Crystal Quartz stones.

Discovering Mystery “Discovering Mystery”

This painting includes Onyx and 'Crystal' Quartz Stones

Supporting Balance “Supporting Balance”

This painting includes 23.5K Liquid Gold, 'Crystal' Quartz, Citrine, Tiger Eye and Agate stones

Color Protection “Color Protection”

This painting includes Turquoise and Coral stones.

Courtesy “Courtesy”

This painting includes 23.5K Liquid Gold and 'Crystal' Quartz

Perspective Messenger “Perspective Messenger ”

This painting includes 23.5K Liquid Gold and Jasper stones

The Very Beginning “The Very Beginning ”

This painting includes 23.5K Liquid Gold and Rose Quartz