Kenny Faith

I was born in a very small town in central Pennsylvania. I lived totally secluded for many years. I lived with my family miles away from the closest city center, and the only outlet I had most of the time was my own imagination. I spent hours, and hours by myself dreaming, and doing - experimenting, and learning. I believe my work reflects those early years, and the influence I allow my inner child to have on my artwork - an innocent curiosity that lead to that all important question; What if? The most compelling part of me I feel is my formative years spent differently than many of my peers. I feel like I allow myself freedom, other artists may not. I often let go of what I feel others may think about my work, or my expression. I just let it happen with that same kind of love, and hope we experience as young children - lost in our own minds & in our dreams. As well as those formative years, the loss of my father to cancer really has had a huge impact on my output. I find that my focus becomes self-reflective, and about discovering my feelings. Loss can often make you struggle for identity, because you no longer have that influential person telling you who you are, or where you are going. A son often wants to make his father proud, and when that is lost, something else happens. I feel like my work is reflective of that experience. As someone’s silhouette begins to fade back further and further into memory, your need to recognize that person in the world becomes very important.


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