Margaret Levin-oster (aka Ferraro)

Biography of Margaret Oster (a.k.a. Ferraro)

I am a studio artist with a passion for painting stories emphasizing on dynamic human emotions where I can intimately celebrate the connections of soul beyond the shell of the physical world.

Before I create a painting, I conceive it in every corner of my mind that it is the truth and it exists the instant it is conceived. All that it is needed is to transform the conception into a tangible work of art that brings a voice to injustice or simply an invitation to explore an ethereal perspective of one’s reality.

My images are executed on canvas or wood panels with the vibrant acrylic colors that inspires me to express my own ideologies with the belief that what I convey in each piece of art; has the ability to become thought provoking and give a voice to causes, thoughts and emotions.