Stephanie Schröter

Stephanie Schröter

Location: Germany

Stephanie Schröter
0049 151 – 75 07 86 96

The artist's interest in scuptural tansformation of themes and ideas lies mainly in the field of abstraction.It is not illustration but the ''essence“ (following the tradition of Aristotle) or ''the essential“ (essentia) in Stephanie Schroeter's sculptures that plays a central role. In her work the selected materials evolve ideally to contemporary but timeless forms.

Several stays in Italy nearby Carrara helped her to perfect the handcraft in treating stones and inspired her to transform her chosen material into sculptures that expresses her interest in literature and philosophy.

In 2013 she realized a live-sized sculpture out of concrete in a park in Cologne. The public attention was huge, which enabled her to sell some of her works to art collectors.

She presents her artworks frequently in exhibitions and fairs in Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy, has a cooperation with some academies and gives workshops in sculpting in her studios.


2012 – 2019 Das Bildhaueratelier, Arnsberg & Düsseldorf,
workshops & art
2009 – 2012 academic studies in sculpting, Bildhauerhalle, Bonn
2007 – 2009 numerous stays in Italy, artworks in marble
1995 – 2011 communication-coach, Cologne
1998 – 2004 reporter for a radiostation, cultural themes, WDR,
1992 – 2000 studies in: literature, history of art & Romance
philologie at the University of Siegen, Germany
1990 – 1991 Design-studies, Ruhrakademie, Hagen, Germany
1968 born in Arnsberg, Germany

selection of exhibitions:

Museo Bellini, Florence
Art Eindhoven, Netherlands
Railstation, Neulußheim
art Brüggen, Brüggen
museum-station, Lennestadt
Galerie Beck, Homburg Saar
art fair Luxembourg
the castle of Herbede, Witten
Berliner Liste, Berlin
Bechtle-Systemhaus, Galerie Böhner, Mannheim
B.AGL, Berlin
Stadtgalerie, Sundern
Villa Wesco, Arnsberg
Stammheimer Schlosspark, Cologne
Bildhauerhalle, Bonn


Stone sculptures

The sculptures out of marble, serpentine or steatite are abstract works of art - most of them based on an idea out of the sphere of literature or philosophie.

"flora" “"flora"”

green steatite, 2020

"painting" “"painting"”

serpentine, 2018

"river" “"river"”

marble, 2014

"grafic" “"grafic"”

serpentine raindrop, 2018

"wind" “"wind"”

marble, 2015

"bird" “"bird"”

steatite, 2019

"figurative works"

They based on abstracted figurative characters or human beings.

"wad(t)ing" “"wad(t)ing"”

life-sized sculptures, concrete, 2013, located in a park in Cologne.

Three men seem to wade though heavy ground. Hand in hand they have to overcome resistances - a symbol of solidatity.

"resurrection" “"resurrection"”

mixed media, 2020

"laughter?" “"laughter?"”

Is she crying or laughing?, clay, 2014

"bonded" “"bonded"”

bronze, 2015

"small thoughts" “"small thoughts"”

bronze, various patina, 2013