Location: Unknown

I am designer and I'd like to participate at Miami Exhibition!
Being from Uzbekistan, I present works about it in
Contemporary Art way.
(there wasn't Uzbekistan among countries, so I have put unknown)

I was graduated from Tashkent State Technikal University, Faculty of Industrial Design
Also I owned bourse in France by studing in Institute de Toulouse Le Mirail 2. I was happy to study in Faculty of Colour Image and Design.
I saw wonderful museums and exhibition halls of Toulouse, Albi, Paris - Museum of Orse, Toulouse Lautrec, Museum Louvre, and many little amazing museums of little villages and towns of France!

That will be amazing opportunity for me to see other artists and share experiences with them, to see master classes and to see amazing Exhibition Art week !
Thank you.



I design graphics which shows New York as a city of skyscrapers!

Khiwa town “Khiwa town”

Khiwa is a little town situated in Uzbekistan. It is famous with its domes which has original
blue shapes. There are a lot of legends on it, in one of them, master architect who made
it made it in that way that resqued his life with amazing work!
Respect to ancesters.

Bukhara town “Bukhara town”

Bukhara isa little town in Uzbekistan. It is known as a Kindom of knowledge, Kindom of Blue Domes,
It has amazing little streets in Old City. Especially when you wander at night, it has own magic.