Susana Bateson

Susana Bateson

Location: Australia

Environmental Artist using Mixed Media,Oils,Sculpture,Papermaking and Feltmaking to express views of environmental awareness.
B.A. (Fine Art)
M.A. (Contemporary Art)
Dip Ed.



Metal,Wood & Ceramic Sculptures depicting interpretations of environmental concerns.

Landform “Landform”

Hand-built Ceramic.

Phoenix “Phoenix”

Mangrove Wood.

Yin & Yang “Yin & Yang”

Handbuilt Earthenware.

Best Friend “Best Friend”

Wood & Metal

Wings “Wings”

Handbuilt Earthenware

Tower of Babel “Tower of Babel”

Handbuilt Porcelain.
Reduction Fired.

Astrogations “Astrogations”

Handbuilt Earthenware and Mixed Media

Hope “Hope”

Porcelain with Mixed Media Framing

Dragonfly “Dragonfly”

Handcarved Porcelain
Celadon Glazed

Bud “Bud”

Porcelain and Stainless Steel

Janus “Janus”

Found Objects- wood

Mother of Millions “Mother of Millions”

Handbuilt Porcelain


Oils,Watercolour and Mixed Media Paintings.

Bees Love Calendula “Bees Love Calendula”

Bees Love Series
Mixed Media on Canvas
100 x 100cm

Bees Love Borage “Bees Love Borage”

Bees Love Series
Mixed Media on Canvas

Black Hole “Black Hole”

Mixed Media on Board

Ruby gems “Ruby gems”

Watercolour on Arches

Wimmera Shed “Wimmera Shed”

Oil on Canvas
40 x 60cm

Tonal “Tonal”

Oil on canvas

Kadaicha Dance “Kadaicha Dance”

Mud Matters Series
Acrylic on Canvas
50 x70cm

When the oil runs dry. “When the oil runs dry.”

Mud Matters Series
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 60cm