Location: Italy

Marco Valente VirValens is a designer, a theorist and an artist: a trio that leads him to be interested to the idea of contamination, ie possibility of a dialogue between the conceptual systems of the various disciplines through an exchange and the experimentation of the various means by which they manifest.
The paintings on display here, fully respond to the need to connect theory and practice,
because come from a stylistic research on the concepts of sampling, digitization of forms, and the randomness of configurations generated by the 3D modeling software.
Starting from the sample of elements, symbols, signs that are shaped and transformed through the instruments and their characteristic three-dimensional modelers, the artist juxtaposes forms through the operations of addition and subtraction, integration and disruption.
In this way, the file can be transformed into a work of art: a sequence of numbers that contains all the necessary parameters to define, refine and then determine the intellectual property of the artist who created the work.
This creative process can transform the file into multiple, ever-changing events of the original matrix.


Analog-digital return

"Running with specialized techniques and machines will be made directly to the other that the execution" with Theo van Doensburg, Piet Mondrian theorized in 1919 for his definition of Neoplasticism. In other words, it was a way to overlay, with the aim of bringing to coincidence, nature and artifice, the cosmos and man.This is not the place to discuss the level of consciousness of the Dutch artist (besides very high) about the complexity of the relationship between theory and practice, but it is interesting to go to reflect on the contradiction of the explicit reference in exergue.Running with machines, Mondrian says, not how to do directly, where "directly" is likely to mean "by the hand of man." It is a clear statement of opposition, a way to rule out a middle ground. In fact, the Dutch painter joined the particular and the universal, the horizontal search of technical experimentation and the vertical depth of theoretical research, without giving rise to speculations that have undermined the extraordinary strength of his artistic work. It is interesting to think that the "specialized techinques " (tools) lead, according to Mondrian, at a resolution other than direct enforcement by the hand of man.