Tatiana Bugaenko

Bugaenko Tatiana
1984 graduated the Art and Technology Department of the Omsk Institute of Technology.
Since 1984. - Participated in 200 regional, national, regional and international exhibitions, has more than 30 solo exhibitions in museums and galleries in Russia, Germany, USA, France, Italy and Switzerland.
1989 - Member of the Youth Association of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
Since 1990. - Member of the Russian Union of Artists, the International Confederation of Unions of Artists.
2001 - 2009. - Member of the Board to work with young artists and candidates to the Russian Union of Artists.
Since 2001. - Associate Professor
of Design, Drawing and Painting at Omsk State Institute of Service.
The curator of exhibitions at various levels.



Oil on canvas

Sunset “Sunset”

Sunset on the rives

Portrait “Portrait”

Oil on canvas