Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall

Location: Australia

Contemporary mixed media/collage and digital artist living in Western Australia.

Being a visual artist with an IT background, I tend to think in layers and am fascinated by the blend of the traditional and the new. I am inspired by colour, texture and the world around me and love to abstract from it and weave different aspects together to produce an integrated idea, view or statement. Most of my artworks are semi-abstract acrylic or mixed media/collage paintings, photographs or digital art. The latter allows me to further mix my media by combining my paintings, drawings, photographs and light pen work producing digital prints thus bringing together different strands of my life (computing background and love of art and photography).


Mixed Media/Collage Paintings

Ningaloo VI “Ningaloo VI”

Mixed Media Collage on a quarter sheet of 638gsm watercolour paper. Inspired by the mysterious underwater world of the beautiful Ningaloo reef off the coast of Western Australia

Wetland Morning “Wetland Morning”

A still, misty morning heralds the beginning of a new day on the wetlands ...

Winner, Mixed Media, Alfred Cove Art Society Awards Of Excellence, 2011

Mixed Media on a half sheet of 638gsm watercolour paper
38.5 x 58cm unframed
63.5 x 86 cm framed (floated in white frame)