Fernando Bardia

From a very young age I have felt a deep passion for the Art of Photography. For me, the image frozen in time holds unique moments that each person cherishes in a unique personal way. My stile seeks to capture moments and emotions, textures and patterns evoking sensations and feelings.

Each picture I take is a piece of art. Each assigned job represents a tremendous responsibility and commitment from my part to the client. Quality is the baseline of my work and I’m always seeking to provide each customer a unique and personal touch.

As an active member of the Royal Photographic Society, the quality of my work is guaranteed by the highest standards in the photography field. In my work I make use of professional lighting and camera devices as well as up-to-date printing technology to provide each customer a final product which embodies museum quality printed images.



This is my portfolio on Flowers, Blooms, and Plants. My own perspective on nature...

Tulips “Tulips”

Two tulips together against white background in shades of gray

Rose close-up “Rose close-up”

a close-up on a beautiful red rose in shades of gray