Luechinger Antoinette

I am an Swiss Artist and interested in painting and photography. By Playing with colours and forms I give things a new look and meaning - in attempting to transmit selective perceptions and feelings.See for yourself...


paintings - seasons

Autumn is the time of harvest

fotografie - Children “fotografie - Children”

Children have different expectations of life and their fate depends alot of their environement

fotografy - children “fotografy - children”

the fate of this child depends of his enviroment and his parents care
Lets hope it will be a good one

growth “growth”

water and air are needed for growth. My painting shows this process of growth
Acryl Mixed Media on canvas, 80x100 cm

Flowering “Flowering”

nature has an enormous power of growth
Acryl Mixed Media, 60x80cm on canvas

Recreation “Recreation”

Wald ist für unser Leben und Klima als Sauerstofflieferant wichtig und wohltuend für unsere Seele.
Acryl-Mischtechnik 80x100cm
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