Olga Romanova

Born in Russia, 1970

1984-1988 Studied at the College of Fine Arts, Penza

I am a professional artist in Oil Paintings, a member of International Federation of Artists. Art has always been my passion. I knew from a very early age that art was going to be the most important in my life.
I was born on April 4, 1970 in a family of artists in Penza town. I started painting when I was 2.
In 1984 I finished the School of Arts and in 1988 I finished the College of Fine Arts in Penza. I liked those years. My way to the art has begun in Watercolour Painting. Watercolour Painting has given me the freedom and has helped me to realize myself as the creative person. Oil Painting has given me sensation of flight and omnipotence. I like Oil Painting. I love to work with people and nature. I want to show the beauty of the human soul, of the nature. I call my work "penetration to mystery". Therefore, I have to reflect everything differently and the best possible. My way of working is to display the private world of the object as faithfully as possible.

Today I am the mature artist, who has the opinion about life, art and my place in the art. I am free from unnecessary illusions and the another's opinions. I know that I want, and I know that I do not want. I have a choice and it mine. I know value of creativity. I have possibility to work how I understand it and I feel it, without looking back at tendencies art-business. I do not catch mirages because I know my way. I don't owe anything to anybody and it makes me free. I still want and can think. I do not know what is depression, because I have faith in God. My future is in God hands, therefore I am quiet...


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