The Smoke Artist

Armenian-born and New York-based artist Mher Khachatryan's interest is the beauty of the smoke and fire, the life and death. He escapes the limits of the real world through his art.

As a youth, Mher studied in Yerevan at Art school of Hakob Kodjoyan. However, he began private art lessons a lot earlier, at the age of five. Mher earned his BFA in drawing and painting at the Art college of Panos Terlemezyan, and MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Armenia.

Mher has won many awards and he is an honored member of Artist’s Union of Armenia. Mher's work been exhibited in United Nation's Headquarters on World NO Tobacco Day (May 31st) also in many galleries and art fairs like Spectrum FL, SCOPE FL and many more.

Mher Khachatryan’s work has been published in magazines and newspapers- US Weekly, OK magazine, Star, National Enquirer, Radar, Art Takes Time Square, Miami Talent Magazine, Art Creation, KC Artist, Art things in Northeast, The Pitch.


The Smoke

Smoke, created from extinguished flame, carries remnants of light, of life. Smoke is the lingering connection between the living and the dead, between the past and the present, between the tangible and the elusive. Smoke is ethereal- delicate and other worldly.

Watching smoke, studying smoke, I am mesmerized. It pulls me into its fragile yet compelling grasp and guides me away from convention, from our limiting reality, into a space where everything is possible.

Leonardo’s comments on darkness and light reflect my artistic transition to exclusively study and create images in smoke. In an academic setting, I teach different styles and encourage exploration. I want artists to develop the skills that enable them to present and share how they see the world, how they feel. Personally, about six years ago, I began to concentrate on the beauty of the image and the hidden fragility of a concrete shape, rather than the colors of an object. Starting with a black canvas, I honor nature’s darkness and light’s significance in exposing truth. Painting smoke images builds a connection from the artist and the viewer to another world, another life.

Some people close to me say they have seen the soul leave a loved one’s body, through the mouth, at the time of passing. Mimicking smoke, the delicate, yet strong and powerful, soul drifts through the air toward the heavens. Like this soul floating toward eternity, we do not know when a smoke trail will end. I hope that my art helps the viewer to connect with the delicate, yet strong and powerful, world we cannot see.

Turquoise-Smoke “Turquoise-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"

Blue-Smoke “Blue-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"

Purple-Smoke “Purple-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"

Pink-Smoke “Pink-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"

Red-Smoke “Red-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"

Yellow-Smoke “Yellow-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"

Green-Smoke “Green-Smoke”

Oil on canvas, 2016, 60"x 42"