Ventral Is Golden

Ventral is Golden is a Graphic Designer, Collage Artist, Tutor and occasional fruit and vegetable picker. His current interests are centred around how the evolution of electric media coincides with the evolution of consciousness and how terms such as 'outer body experience’ or ‘altered state’ intertwine with the effects of new high-tech, non-local and digital modes of communication, as well as low-tech, psychedelic, vegetable modes of communication. What kinds of impacts these two aspects have upon language, psychology, science, politics and art are all constant sources of inspiration for his artistic experiments and essays.

Ventral is Golden also writes more in-depth articles regarding these phenomena on Visual Melt. The more socially applicable aspect of his research has led to the creation of Tiny Library, an egalitarian art and music project, highlighting the social function of the creative process.


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