Andrea Volz

andrea volz
i am autodidact/avantgard artist
born in a artist-family
writer painter performer-bodypainting
digital-art & computer-painting

1994 Gallery Kesselturm,Lucern, CH
1995 Div.priv. Exhibition,Lucern, CH
1996 Altes Zythus, Zug, CH
1997 Altes Zythus,Zug, CH
1998 lawyer office M.Ebinger,Zug, CH
1999 Gallery Mo Zwiefelhofer,Zuerich, CH
1999 Rhynauerhof, House for violent womans Lucern, CH
with presentation of my book
1999 Atelier Gallery, Zuerich, CH
1999 Poetry to a painting for
Juerg Marquard, Miami, USA
2000 Werkgallery Zuerich, CH
with presentation of my lyrics
2000 U.Bruehwiler, House for violenc women Luzern, CH
2000 Seedamm-auction, U.Eberhard, Zuerich, CH
2001 privat exhibition Zuerich CH
2001 privat exhibition Italy
2002 privat orders in different countrys and city
2004 Cristiana Pucci, studio d'arte, Pietrasanta, Italy
2005 Bar-gallery pietrasantese, Pietrasanta, Italy
2005 Gallery arte & arte, Pietrasanta Italy
2005 Studioarte M.Pagliai, Pietrasanta, Italy
2005 Gallery gallo della ceccha,Capezzano Italy
2006 Gallery arte & arte, Pietrasanta, Italy
2006 Bar-gallery pietrasantese, Pietrasanta, Italy
2006 Hotel, fiumetto, Pietrasanta, Italy
2006 Alchimia, Viareggio, Italy
2007 Alchimia, Viareggio, Italy
2011 Exhibition "FLEX" Rothenburg ob d.tauber, Germany
2011 Exhibition Offenbach, Germany
2017 Artbox-project, Basel, CH
2018 Artbox-project, Basel CH

1999 Body-painting for
2001 Festival latino-americano, Carrara, Italy
2002 Kama-kama disco, Raffo, Arrighini,
Baccatoio, Deliria italy

2005 Computer-graphic studio-d'arte
M.Pagliai & Andrea Volz project Andraxana
2006 Computer-graphic studio-d'arte
M.Pagliai & Andrea Volz
"my virtuel book
2006 digital-art, computer- & textil-design
2011 photographie