Li Haibing

li haibing

Location: Unknown

Li Haibing
1963 Born in Shanxi province, China
1987 Graduated from the China Academy of Art with an A.B. degree in oil painting
Now Artistic design teacher of the landscape department in the Beijing University of Agriculture

1992 The First 1990s’Biennial Art Fair Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China.
1994 Li Haibing Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China.
1995 Li Haibing Painting Works Exhibition, Beijing, China.
Goods On Sale: A Magic Cube, art of action and device, Beijing, China.
1996 An Insurance TV of Lugouqiao Brand, a device work, Beijing, China.
1999 Li Haibing Photography Works Exhibition, Beijing, China.
2000 Chinese Avant-Garde Artists Documents Exhibition of the 1990s, Japan.
About Me: Chinese Experimental Photography Shanghai, China.
Made in China: Photography Exhibition, America.
2001 Lust of City : Conceptual Photograph Exhibition by Four Artists, Beijing, China.
Art Document 2001-A, Beijing, China.
2002 Face to Face: Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.
Pingyao International Photography Festival 2002, Pingyao, Shanxi, China.
To Each His Own: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China.
2003 No.1 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.
The Skin of City: Outside Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China.
I’m China: China Annual Photography Exhibition 2003, Beijing, China.
The Blue Sky Doesn’t Establish to Defend: Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.
2004 Pingyao International Photography Festival 2004, Pingyao, Shanxi, China.
2005 Broken Chains: Contemporary Invitation Exhibition, Datong, Shanxi, China.
2006 Size Decides Attitude: First 5×7?Picture-Taking Biennale Project?Shanxi, Beijing, China.
China in Images: 50th Anniversary of China Photography, Beijing.
2007 New Curator Project Spring Exhibition 2007, Songzhuang TS1, Beijing.
2008 Dreams in China, Reality in China: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Paris, France.
Ah! We: 30 Years Contemporary Art in China, National Center for the Performing Arts, Beijing.
2009 Florence Biennale 2009,Firenze, Italy
2010 “ART & INTEGRATION” Pescia,Montecatini, Italy
“International Biennale Artist MIAMI”Miami, America
2011 “UNION”International touring exhibition of chinese artisti, National Gallery, Bangkok,
1,International Izmir Biennial of art, Izmir,Turkey,


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