Location: Germany

According to the legend, an arcane clan of ducks, the ”interDucks“ left their unique collection of artworks behind on Earth when they escaped the planet in 1944. These works now make up the DUCKOMENTA exhibition.

A group of German artists have devoted themselves to research into what happened to the clan, striving to find out where they might now be located in outer space in order to solve the mystery.

The project began in the 1980s, initiated by Prof. Eckhart Bauer as an endeavor undertaken by his students at the Academy of the Arts in Braunschweig/Germany. Students and alumni then continued to pursue these ideas. Today, those responsible for “interDuck“ are still largely, the same artists:
Prof. Eckhart Bauer, Anke Doepner, Prof. Volker Schönwart, Rüdiger Stanko and Ommo Wille.

This concept revolving around a fictive clan of figures and their mysterious collection of art is intended as a means of making art history, even history at large more accessible to audiences, helping visitors to the show start to research themselves, regardless of their cultural background.

45 DUCKOMENTA-exhibitions in five countries (Germany, Austria, France, Holland and Sweden) have been put since 1986 – and it is high time that the rest of the world is learning about this antide view on our cultural heritage!


The interDuck collection

... in ducks we trust ...

Sissi - Empress of Austria “Sissi - Empress of Austria”

Acrylic on canvas , 1550 x 950 mm

Selfportrait with a Beak “Selfportrait with a Beak”

Oil on canvas , 590 x 480 mm

Mona Lisa “Mona Lisa”

Oil on canvas , 750 x 550 mm

The Scream “The Scream”

Oil and pastel on cardboard, 910 x 740 mm

Drowning Duck “Drowning Duck”

Acrylic on canvas , 1500 x 1550 mm

Duck with unbraided hair “Duck with unbraided hair”

woodcut on cardboard, 387 x 300 mm,

Wanderer in Foggy Seas “Wanderer in Foggy Seas”

Oil on canvas , 800 x 600 mm

The Bathers “The Bathers”

Oil on wood, 600 × 500 mm

The Alchimist “The Alchimist”

Oil and gouache on cardboard, 270 × 300 mm

Portrait of Albert Duckstein “Portrait of Albert Duckstein”

Oil on canvas, 350 x 380 mm

A Sunday Walk “A Sunday Walk”

Oil on wood, 300 × 400 mm

Ducks Josephus “Ducks Josephus”

FRANZ JOSEPH I. (1830–1916), Emperor of Austria
Oil on canvas, 1600 × 1200 mm

The Poor Poet “The Poor Poet”

Oil on wood, 300 × 400 mm

The Cherubs of the Sistine Madonna “The Cherubs of the Sistine Madonna”

Oil on Canvas, 630 x 790 mm

The Beautiful O’Murphy (around 1750) “The Beautiful O’Murphy (around 1750)”

Study on Cardboard, 360 x 430 mm

Queen Duckfretete “Queen Duckfretete”

Limestone and Plaster, 350 mm high

DUCKOMENTA Exhibition “DUCKOMENTA Exhibition”

DUCKOMENTA Exhibition at Schloss Neuhardenberg, Germany (2003)

Laughing Buddha “Laughing Buddha”

Gilded Plaster, 150 mm high

Double Portrait with Hats “Double Portrait with Hats”

Oil on Canvas, 550 x 450 mm

Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883) “Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883)”

Oil and Tempera on Canvas, 1000 x 800 mm

Anas Mensura Mundi “Anas Mensura Mundi”

Pen and Ink on Paper, 370 x 240 mm

Cowering Duck “Cowering Duck”

Oil on Canvas, 700 x 650 mm